Kosunen Racing
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The Kosunen Racing is a private motorsport team from Finland. The principle is that rivals will help whenever needed!
Mitsubishi Colt WRC' Evolution
Mitsubishi Colt WRC' Evolution
4WD, +500 bhp and about 800 Nm torque Unique and extreme equipment of interest both in Finland and abroad! more »
Working together to victory!
Without partners in motorsport, it is impossible. An impressive ensemble of interest to the general public, as well as the media. more >
Team leffat
Video compilations
Interesting camera angles, changing ideas, speed and gear displays, humor boosts well-known race videos
Skoda Felicia, 1400 Trophy
Skoda Felicia, 1400 Trophy
Rally: 1400 Trophy class Skoda Mini'Kit Felicia.
2WD, +100 hv, 6-speed dogbox, LSD etc. more »

Finnish Rallysprint

Motorsport girlsIn Finnish rallysprint the drivers are allowed to get to know the stage either by walking or riding a bike during the morning and the race is driven in the afternoon. No co-driver allowed! For all of the track lengths are between 2 - 6 km. There are also events in tarmac, gravel and snow/ ice tracks. The idea is simple. Cars are separated into classes, then you go as fast as you can around stage from a standing start. The second round is driven in a reversed order Fastest times taking the glory in each class from two allocated runs.

So, it's a real do-or-die, one shoot-for-victory. So you your time versus opponent's times. If you mess up your start, turn in too early, miss your braking point, drift off-line, miss a gear or lose it, your're finished. One mistake and it's all over!

"Special Saloon - Rallycross Div1 - Group B rallycars"

Audi Quattro, 600 hp Ford Escort - 2wd Special Saloon Proton Satria - Mitsubishi BMW Compact, Special Saloon BMW - Volvo engine bay

Classes & groups
5 drives classes can participate: Yleinen, women, juniors (A- and B-juniors combined), seniors (over 50 years) and youngsters. Yleinen, women and juniors are the same as in rallying but new group youngsters are aged 16 to 18 years (before finnish driver's licence). The groups are nearly the same as in rallies A, N, F but there is also group RC and Special Saloon (SS) cars. Cars is also split into capacity classes. No convertables or formula -cars etc. allowed. If you want to go a race, entry fee is between 60-90 euros per event.

Mitsubishi Colt Evo- special Saloon Mitsubishi Lancer MG Metro 6R4 - Special Saloon Lancer Evolution, +500 hp, Special Saloon - Tarmac Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution  - Gravel Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution - Engine bay, Special Saloon Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX, +500 hp Tarmac rallysprint service park

Events & series
There is rallysprint event almost every weekend, often 1-3 events is held in same weekend. Overall there are ~60 rallisprint events in a year and 70-160 competitors in every event from all over country! The Finnish rallisprint championship serie covered with 6 events, that include snow, tarmac and gravel surface. Tarmac rallisprint serie, covering also six events is called of: Future rallysprint

All cars have to pass sctrict noise test, which is 110 dB at 3500 rpm. Tyre warmers are commonly used in tarmac events. Race fastest car are often found by Special Saloon class. Class 5 Special Saloon and Div1 4WD cars minimum weight is guite high; 1330 kg and also a 45 mm inlet restrictor is required. Rallycars (exampal WRC) can drive with 34 mm restrictor with 1230 kg weight. Best SS class cars are 200 - 700 horsepower rockets. So SS class cars can also beat expensive WRC rally cars. Think about that...

Mika Kosunen interview Ford Escort engine bay Audi Quattro, 600 hp Special Saloon 4wd Kosunen Racing, winter 2007 4WD drivers after race

Racechrono & Team videos
If you ever wonder how to team incar videos the speed display are made here is answer! read more >>