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The Kosunen Racing is a private motorsport team from Finland. The principle is that rivals will help whenever needed!
Mitsubishi Colt WRC' Evolution
Mitsubishi Colt WRC' Evolution
4WD, +500 bhp and about 800 Nm torque Unique and extreme equipment of interest both in Finland and abroad! more »
Working together to victory!
Without partners in motorsport, it is impossible. An impressive ensemble of interest to the general public, as well as the media. more >
Team leffat
Video compilations
Interesting camera angles, changing ideas, speed and gear displays, humor boosts well-known race videos
Skoda Felicia, 1400 Trophy
Skoda Felicia, 1400 Trophy
Rally: 1400 Trophy class Skoda Mini'Kit Felicia.
2WD, +100 hv, 6-speed dogbox, LSD etc. more »

Mitsubishi Colt CZ3' Evo WRC

Our competitive weapon started it's life front wheel drive 1.3 litre 90 hp Mitsubishi Colt CZ3. Six months and ~1500 hours later born 4WD, Mitsubishi Colt Evo. Video: Video: Tarmac

The engine is limited by a 45 mm air restrictor and produces with 98E pump fuel over 500 bhp and about 800 Nm torque. Video: 2011 Review

  HuoltoalueTrackwide is 80 mm more than standard Colt CZ3. WRC-type suspension, reiger dampers, carbon doorpanels, polycarbonate windows, special racing turbocharger etc. Check build info >>

Technical specification

4 cyl, 16V, +2000 cc, HKS cams, billet pistons and crankshaft, custom manifold, Fin-Turbo turbocharger, Tial wastegate, anti-lag, intercooler with waterspray, ecu: Motec

Power (fuel 98E octane)
About: ~520 bhp / 5100 rpm
Torque: ~790 Nm / 4000 rpm
..with 45 mm inlet restrictor

Front and rear: WRC-type adjustable steel links, reiger dampers, blade/tube adjustable anti-roll bars

Power-assisted high-ratio rack and pinion.

Wheels / Tyres:
Braid / Avon 17"

Chassis and engine builder:
Kosunen Racing


4WD, mechanical diffs
5 speed AKE-Gears dog-box,
sequentially controlled,
twin plate clutch

Ventilated discs, front: 330mm,
4 or 6 pot-calipers
Hydraulic handbrake
Adjustable front / rear bias
Pads: Carbone Lorraine

Length: 3850 mm
Wheelbase: 2520 mm
Width: 1790 mm
Weight: 1230 Kg (reg.minimum)
Fuel tank capacity: 28 litres

0-100 km/h < 3.5 sec
0-180 km/h < 10 sec
Max. speed: ~200 km/h

Mitsubishi Colt Evo - y2011
Mitsubishi Colt Evo - y2010 winterMitsubishi Colt Evo - 2010
Mitsubishi Colt Evo - Engine
Mitsubishi Colt Evo - InsideMitsubishi Colt Evo - Inside
Mitsubishi Colt Evo - InsideMitsubishi Colt Evo - front suspensionMitsubishi Colt Evo - Turbo
Mitsubishi Colt Evo - Service parkMitsubishi Colt Evo - HANSMitsubishi Colt Evo - Service park
Mitsubishi Colt Evo - turbo 2011
Mitsubishi Colt Evo  - front suspensionMitsubishi Colt Evo - Rear suspension
Mitsubishi Colt Evo - Inside
Mitsubishi Colt Evo - service parkMitsubishi Colt Evo - service park
ver1. body constructionMitsubishi Colt Evo- ver1. body constructionMitsubishi Colt Evo - Reiger dampers