Kosunen Racing
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The Kosunen Racing is a private motorsport team from Finland. The principle is that rivals will help whenever needed!
Mitsubishi Colt WRC' Evolution
Mitsubishi Colt WRC' Evolution
4WD, +500 bhp and about 800 Nm torque Unique and extreme equipment of interest both in Finland and abroad! more »
Working together to victory!
Without partners in motorsport, it is impossible. An impressive ensemble of interest to the general public, as well as the media. more >
Team leffat
Video compilations
Interesting camera angles, changing ideas, speed and gear displays, humor boosts well-known race videos

Service - Motorhome

HuoltoalueHuoltoalueAfter a grueling stage, there's no telling in what condition a car will come back to the service. In a blur of hands and hardware, service group can rebuild a damaged car. The team and facilities behind the drivers that ensure the performance of the cars is optimised. Service crew is responsible for making sure that the team car is race ready. Because the Kosunen Racing is a private motorsport team.

All engine build, body modifications, collision repairs, composite parts, paint jobs, design works all made by team! Working with mechanical or composite a person need good capacity to think in three dimensions. All racecar(s) engine power development and body construction are team own work. Team crew consist of 4-8 people at the event.

MOTORHOME - SOLD!! (january 2014)
MotorhomeMotorhomeTeam own build motorhome (Bus) include heated garage, plenty of storage space in the box for wheels, generator, toolboxes, etc. six sleeping beds, microwave, tv, dvd, wc, refrigerator, coffee maker, water tank, sink, 240V lighting and power, air compressor, sauna, shower etc. We have it all!

The Service Park a routine stop would include a complete change of wheels and tyres, a fluid top-up and a 'spanner' check, which ensures every nut and bolt is tight and not loosened by the engine vibration. When you see service vehicle plus over 100 race cars in frozen lake ice that's only happen in Finland!

MotorhomeWe don't have same resource that huge WRC teams. But... for example at next door on hire the team facilities is turbo corporation (FIN-Turbo Oy). So team is co-operating with turbocharger professional who has excellent experience the racing turbo modifications. Our gearbox specialist the AKE-Gears is also doing marvelous job. For the mechanics, the service halts can be a high pressure part of the job, because there is no margin for error and yet no time to waste either. Finns are reverential about the sauna. So after race team members glow of the softly lit wood-lined space, they chat jovially or fall into a comfortable silence. Hard day and traveling quickly disappearing from our bodies...