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Neste Rally Finland

The rally has been held since 1951, first as a national competition and since the introduction of the World Rally Championship in 1973. 1951 route was Jyväskylä-Kokkola-Oulu-Kemi-Rovaniemi-Taivalkoski-Kuusamo-Kajaani-Kuopio-Varkaus-Jyväskylä. That's ~1700 km thru night and day driving! In nowadays called the Neste Oil Rally consist under 400 competitive kilometers fast gravel roads.

In the year 1954 the international name Rally of the Thousand Lakes appeared in the events logo for the first time. Lightning fast, smooth gravel roads and huge ‘yumps’ which launch cars high into the air make this one of the year's classic events – a rally for the brave - giving the event its nickname, 'the Finnish Grand Prix'.

2012 Historic rally cars will be presented in Rally Finland's showcase area in Lahti harbour on Thursday. Historic cars will also run through SSS2 Jokimaa.

The Rally of 1000 Lakes (8 min)
Saab 1977- Name of the Game (32 min)
WRC Rally 1000 Lakes 1973

1000 Lakes rally
Motorsport girlsRally is based in the bustling university town of Jyvaskyla, around 275 kilometres from the capital Helsinki. During the 1980s the rallys international name was gradually shaped in to 1000 Lakes Rally, although the original logo always held the longer version. The event signed its first title sponsorship deal and became Neste 1000 Lakes Rally in 1994. This is the only rally in the championship which has been run from the same headquarters town every year since the start of the series in 1973.

Big names and marvelous films: In the late 1960s, there was a Castrol produced film of the 1968 Rally of 1000 Lakes in Finland called "The Flying Finns". Toyota's first win in motorsport came at the 1975 1000 Lakes Rally of Finland, when Hannu Mikkola and his co-driver, Atso Aho, won the event in a Toyota Corolla. This film features the 1000 Lakes Rally in 1977 in Finland (Saab, 32 minute video) film is called “Name of the Game”. + Group B video: Monsters in Finland - with pure engine sounds (1000 Lakes Rally 1983-1986) 30 min

Neste Oil Rally
In 1997 changing of its name into Neste Rally Finland. In fact rallying is virtually the national sport in Finland. The 2000 Neste Rally Finland was the 50th Jubilee/Anniversary of the event. It has proven to be one of the best rallies in all aspects, not just because of lakes and jumping. The WRC teams voted Neste Rally Finland "Rally of the Year" in 1998, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

Over the years, the event has been dominated by the Scandinavians. Tommi Makinen's breakthrough win in the WRC came - even more aply - for Ford in the 1,000 Lakes in 1994. In fact 1994 and 1998 he won the Finnish event every year. Four Swedish wins in the course of the first 39 events and only three drivers outside Finland and Sweden have won the race (Carlos Sainz 1990, Didier Auriol 1992, Markko Märtin 2003). Marcus Grönholm has six wins but Hannu Mikkola still remains the master of the event with seven victories!

neste rally service park

The most famous special stage is the 33 km Ouninpohja, with its spectacular high speed jumps. Markko Martin holds the record for the longest jump. In 2003 he travelled 57 metres in the air at a speed of 171 kph. There are around 50 jumps included in Ouninpohja so a driver can expect to cover 500 metres of the stage in the air. Year 2006 Grönholm's Ford Focus RS was recorded as being flat out in top gear on the gravel roads for a single sustained burst of 46 seconds at an average speed of 171 kph. On that 2004 Petter Solberg set a new stage record, smashing the previous one by six seconds. But as average speeds approached 130 kph, organisers acted to slow cars down and for 2005 - 2006 the stage was shortened and split in two called Ouninpohja West and Ouninpohja East. Video: Petter Solberg Ouninpohja 2004 record drive

Rally Pass is valid from Wednesday to Saturday (August 1-4 2012) including in addition to official rally events also Qualifying on Wednesday (at 19.30 in Ruuhimäki), Start Order Selection (at 21.30) and Saturday night´s Prize Giving Ceremony at Jyväskylä Paviljonki (at 21.00).The cost of the Rally Pass is EUR 60.

Ruuhimäki Qualifying
The Qualifying in Ruuhimäki will be driven on Wednesday August 1 at 19.30. The price of the Qualifying is EUR 10. Qualifying tickets are sold at the stage.

Hotels are heavily pre-booked by teams and organisers, so spectators usually put up in apartments/cottages etc. It's probably quicker for us to point out the places where you can't drink in Jyvaskyla - there can't be that many. The Finish currency is the Euro. Major credit cards, in particular Visa, Eurocard and Mastercard are widely accepted. The real social life in the town centres around the university's many bars and nightclubs. If ou want something a little bit different, then try pear cider or salmiakkikossu. The Finns are not a shy nation, and you can see guys strip off stark- bollock naked and jump into a nearby lake for a swim.

neste rally mitsubishi

For more information, please contact the Rally Office:
P.O. Box 19, FIN-01301 Vantaa
Tel. +358 (0)207 219 460
Fax +358 (0)207 219 470

Roll of Honour *winner outside of Scandinavia
1951 Karlsson Arvo - Mattila Vilho, Austin Atlantic
1952 Elo Eino - Nuortila Kai, Peugeot 203
1953 Hietanen Vilho - Hixén Olof, Allard
1954 Kalpala Osmo - Kalpala Eino, Dyna Panhard
1955 Elo Eino - Nuortila Kai, Peugeot 403
1956 Kalpala Osmo - Kalpala Eino, DKW Donau
1957 Carlsson Erik - Pavoni Mario, Saab 93
1958 Kalpala Osmo - Kalpala Eino, Alfa Romeo
1959 Callbo Gunnar - Nurmimaa Väinö, Volvo PV 544
1960 Bremer Carl-Otto - Lampi Juhani, Saab 96
1961 Aaltonen Rauno - Nurmimaa Väinö, Mercedes
1962 Toivonen Pauli - Kallio Jaakko, Citroën DS 19
1963 Lampinen Simo - Ahava Jyrki, Saab 96 Sport
1964 Lampinen Simo - Ahava Jyrki, Saab 96 Sport
1965 Mäkinen Timo - Keskitalo Pekka, BMC Cooper S
1966 Mäkinen Timo - Keskitalo Pekka, Morris Cooper
1967 Mäkinen Timo - Keskitalo Pekka, BMC Cooper S
1968 Mikkola Hannu - Järvi Anssi, Ford Escort TC
1969 Mikkola Hannu - Järvi Anssi, Ford Escort TC
1970 Mikkola Hannu - Palm Gunnar, Ford Escort TC
1971 Blomqvist Stig - Hertz Arne, Saab 96 V4
1972 Lampinen Simo - Sohlberg Klaus, Saab 96 V4
1973 Mäkinen Timo - Liddon Henry, Ford Escort RS
1974 Mikkola Hannu - Davenport John, Ford Escort RS
1975 Mikkola Hannu - Aho Atso, Toyota Levin
1976 Alén Markku - Kivimäki Ilkka, Fiat 131 Mirafiori
1977 Hämäläinen Kyösti-Tiukkanen Martti,Ford EscortRS
1978 Alén Markku - Kivimäki Ilkka, Fiat 131 Abarth
1979 Alén Markku KivimäkI Ilkka, Fiat 131 Mirafiori
1980 Alén Markku - Kivimäki Ilkka, Fiat 131 Mirafiori
1981 Vatanen Ari - Richards David, Ford Escort RS
1982 Mikkola Hannu - Hertz Arne, Audi Quattro
1983 Mikkola Hannu - Hertz Arne, Audi Quattro
1984 Vatanen Ari - Harryman Terry, Peugeot 205
1985 Salonen Timo - Harjanne Seppo, Peugeot 205 Turbo
1986 Salonen Timo - Harjanne Seppo, Peugeot 205 Turbo
1987 Alén Markku - Kivimäki Ilkka, Lancia Delta
1988 Alén Markku - Kivimäki Ilkka, Lancia Delta
1989 Ericsson Mikael - Billstam Claes, Mitsubishi Galant
1990 Sainz Carlos - Moya Luis, Toyota Celica
1991 Kankkunen Juha - Piironen Juha, Lancia Delta HF Integrale
1992 Auriol Didier - Occelli Bernard, Lancia Delta HF Integrale
1993 Kankkunen Juha - Giraudet Denis,Toyota Celica Turbo4WD
1994 Mäkinen Tommi - Harjanne Seppo, Ford Escort Cosworth
1995 Mäkinen Tommi - Harjanne Seppo, Mitsubishi Evolution
1996 Mäkinen Tommi - Harjanne Seppo, Mitsubishi Evo III
1997 Mäkinen Tommi - Harjanne Seppo, Mitsubishi Evo IV
1998 Mäkinen Tommi - Mannisenmäki Risto, Mitsubishi Evo V
1999 Kankkunen Juha - Repo Juha, Subaru Impreza WRC 99
2000 Grönholm Marcus - Rautiainen Timo, Peugeot 206 WRC
2001 Grönholm Marcus - Rautiainen Timo, Peugeot 206 WRC
2002 Grönholm Marcus - Rautiainen Timo, Peugeot 206 WRC
2003 Märtin Markko - Park Michael, Ford Focus WRC 03
2004 Grönholm Marcus - Rautiainen Timo, Peugeot 307 WRC
2005 Grönholm Marcus - Rautiainen Timo, Peugeot 307 WRC
2006 Grönholm Marcus - Rautiainen Timo, Ford Focus WRC06
2007 Grönholm Marcus - Rautiainen Timo, Ford Focus WRC07
2008 Sébastien Loeb- Daniel Elena, Citroën C4 WRC
2009 Mikko Hirvonen - Jarmo Lehtinen, Ford Focus RS WRC 08
2010 Jari-Matti Latvala - Miikka Anttila, Ford Focus RS WRC 09
2011 Loeb Sébastien - Elena Daniel, Citroën DS3 WRC
2012 Loeb Sébastien - Elena Daniel, Citroën DS3 WRC
2013 ?